What is Adaptogenz One?

Adaptogenz One is a formulated blend of Adaptogens mixed in a manner that has enhanced the powers of each individual Adaptogenic Herb to produce a product that is showing unlimited results and potential in numerous fields of health and disease both in prevention and cure. The “Synergy” of the product yields its unique properties.

The most impressive outcome with patients uses of Adaptogenz One is the results in the fight against diabetes. In independent studies done with patients suffering from type 2 diabetes, those maintaining a sensible diet and daily use of Adaptogenz One have shown a 90% success rate in eliminating their insulin injections or pills.

Studies are ongoing with regards to type 1.

What is an Adaptogen?

The term Adaptogenz One was coined by Russian scientist Dr. Nikolai Lazarev in the late 1940s following research done on eleuthero root. In 1968, Israel I. Brekhman, PhD and Dr. I. V. Dardymov formally defined adaptogens as plants with three characteristics.

First, adaptogens are nontoxic, which means they can be safely taken for extended periods of time.

Second, an adaptogen produces a nonspecific biological response that improves the body’s ability to resist multiple forms of stress, including physical, chemical and biological stressors.

Third, adaptogens have a normalizing influence, meaning that whatever direction the stressors are throwing the body out of balance, adaptogens help to bring the system back into balance.

All the herbs that have been identified as adaptogens have these characteristics, but each adaptogenic plant has its own unique set of properties. Also, adaptogenic effects aren’t based on a particular group of chemical compounds, so the “active constituents” of adaptogens vary considerably, but all of them help the body function better under stress.


  • An herbal medicine is more likely to achieve a beneficial effect based on the synergy of its components. Combining adaptogenic herbs to achieve the best therapeutic effect is a skilled process.

  • Synergy is the interaction of elements that when combined produce a total effect that is greater than the sum of the individual elements & contributions.

  • Adaptogenic herbs have to be formulated in such a way that each adaptogen in the formulation compliments and increases the effectiveness of other adaptogens in the formulation (Dr. Joseph Collins, yourhomones.com)


  • A nutritional supplement which helps the body adapt to various stressors , such as heat, cold, exertion, trauma, sleep deprivation, toxic exposure, radiation, infection, psychological stress.

  • They also compensate for fluctuations in homeostasis; adaptogens may act on serum glucose, leukocytes, temperature, blood pressure or pulse by increasing or decreasing the substance of interest


Adaptogens normalize the production of hormones (especially hormones associated with stress). In addition to this basic stress-reducing action, adaptogens also have the following benefits.

  • Normalizing Immune Function

    Most adaptogens help to balance the immune system. This means that they can boost the body’s ability to fight infection and may also reduce hyperactive immune reactions in allergies and auto-immune disorders. In China, adaptogenic herbs are given to people undergoing chemotherapy and radiation treatments for cancer. This is known as Fu Zheng therapy and Chinese research suggests that it helps protect the body from the side effects of chemotherapy and radiation treatments.

  • Improving Athletic Performance

    Early research on adaptogens demonstrated that they can enhance athletic performance. They appear to help reduce fatigue, improve cardiovascular and respiratory function and aid in building strength and muscle mass. As a result, adaptogens such as rhodiola, eleuthero and cordyceps have been used in Olympic competition, and unlike steroids, they are not banned because they have no harmful side effects.

  • Enhancing Mood and Mental Performance

    Long-term stress contributes to both anxiety and depression. High stress levels also tend to shut down higher brain function, which can make it difficult to think clearly. Even worse, high levels of the primary stress hormone cortisol actually destroy brain cells and inhibit memory. So, when we’re under a lot of stress, we can not only feel anxious or depressed, we may also have difficulty concentrating and remembering things. By reducing cortisol levels, adaptogens can facilitate better mental focus and clarity during times of stress. They can also help enhance memory and cognitive function as age increases. Many adaptogens are also helpful for reducing anxiety and lifting depression, thus normalizing mood.

  • Protecting Cardiovascular Health

    Adaptogens also have beneficial effects on the cardiovascular system. Many help to protect the heart and regulate blood pressure. Here again, they work both directions. Adaptogens can raise low blood pressure and reduce high blood pressure. They may also have a moderate cholesterol balancing effect

  • Balancing Blood Sugar

    Cortisol causes the body to convert proteins from the muscles into sugars, which affects blood sugar levels. Some adaptogens help to regulate blood sugar levels and help with insulin resistance in diabetes. They are also helpful for low blood sugar or hypoglycemia.

  • Enhancing Energy

    One of the positive effects of adaptogens is that they help to increase a person’s energy and ability to work. In doing this, adaptogens don’t act like stimulants, which raise energy output by using up the body’s energy reserves. Instead, adaptogens appear to increase the body’s energy reserves, giving a person more stamina and endurance. Adaptogens also help people sleep better when they are under stress, allowing a person to have more energy during the day. This makes them particularly helpful for adrenal exhaustion from long-term stress

  • Balancing Reproductive Hormones

    Adaptogens have positive benefits on the reproductive health of both men and women. In men, adaptogens can enhance sexual desire, performance and fertility, and in women they can enhance desire, improve fertility and relieve PMS and other menstrual irregularities as well as easing menopausal symptoms.

  • Other Benefits

    Some adaptogens protect the liver from chemical toxicity (hepatoprotective effects), while others can enhance eyesight, improve sleep, aid digestion and improve respiratory function. Adaptogens are also widely regarded as anti-aging, helping to maintain health as we grow older, perhaps even increasing longevity. (Steven Horne, modernherbalmedicene.com)